Welcome to EMAAA

where we guide people to equanimity, certainty and graciousness. 

We are Adina and Andreea, coaches, mentors and fellow corporate workers, living life to the fullest both at work and outside it.

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EMAAA is our team of two powerful and different personalities who came together to share our expertise to help people be ok with themselves as they are and as they aspire to be. 

EMAAA stands for Emotional Mental Awareness with Adina and Andreea but it could also mean Empowered Magical Awakening or you could try your own EMA experience.

Are you feeling  tired, triggered, exhausted, unmotivated, stressed or unhappy? Do you want to be more efficient or do you want to make a change?

Join us to get back the exciting feeling that you had when you got the job,  to welcome Monday mornings, to learn how to set and respect limits and have a balanced work life. Let’s enjoy our life and the rat race together!

Conscious Deconditioning

A journey to become aware of and take responsibility for your triggers and your reactions. Ultimately you will become an empowered version of yourself who can choose to enjoy the rat race.

Step 1

Self awareness at work

Triggers, overwhelm and boundaries, where is your NO? No to too much work, No to more responsibilities, No to less joy, No to limited job satisfaction

Step 2

Radical Responsibility

Healthy  boundaries, when do you respond and when do you react? Owning your decisions, dealing with your fear (of losing your job/position/respect), affirming your needs, smashing your challenges

Step 3


Self-regulation, amazing coping skills, how do you show up as your real you?  Manifesting the life you want -vulnerability, confidence, certainty, self-assurance


EMAAA provides tailored powerful regressive hypnosis (RTT) for you to remove blocks and limiting beliefs and install success; powerful somatic practices (TRE) for relaxation and release; Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais) to recognize and release unnecessary patterns of movement. All combined with a personalized programme designed for you to bring your body, mind and soul into alignment.

About us

We each have more than 20 years’ experience of working in different roles in big corporations. We worked with global teams covering most of the world, we’ve learnt about cultural differences, we went through promotions, demotions, lateral moves and also very stressful periods that led to burnout and illness. We reached the other side as two balanced individuals who are still improving whilst choosing to be motivated, engaged and successful in any work environment. To get to this we have completed: trainings on efficiency, management, resilience, intuition, somatic therapies, meditation, hypnosis, explored childhood and adolescence trauma, energy tools, Ho’Oponopono, Reiki, trauma release exercises, family constellation and others still ongoing. We are continuously on a path of improving ourselves.

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