Our story

We met in 2007 when we were hired at the same time in a corporation and we clicked, although we were very different characters. We went our separate ways after a year, but kept in touch. In 2021 we went on a trip together and decided to participate in a pyrography workshop where EMAAA was written in fire. The name embodied the spiritual guidance we have always felt connected to us. It became a business when we received a question: What are you really good at? We had a five hours long exciting brainstorming session to find an answer. And the answer was staring us in the face: we are very good at our job, we are great learners and amazing communicators. What made a difference for us was that, every day, we decided to treat every challenge as an opportunity and to make the most of it; every moment, we decided to be present and aware and always to take responsibility both for our good and bad moments. We realised we’ve been through so much both personally and professionally and we have experienced many practices, modalities and approaches. We have integrated many of them in our daily lives in such a way that we actually started influencing and guiding the people around us. It became clear that EMAAA was a treasure meant to be shared with the rest of the world.

Andreea’s story

My favourite things are to learn and to help others. My life revolved around learning (both in school and at jobs) and helping the people around me sort their issues: it was normal for me to listen to everybody else’s story and offer advice from how to write e-mails to how to negotiate a break up or how to face any challenges in life with a growth mindset.

I have not realised, till years later, that all my attention was focused on others and I had lost track of myself and what I really wanted and needed. Since I started working 20 years ago I have always had two or three jobs in order to make more money and to have a “successful” life.

I worked for the past 20+ years in various corporations all around the world in different positions (from junior to senior and manager) in finance, administration and customer support. It taught me to work in teams, to appreciate cultural differences, to be better organised and time efficient and to communicate effectively at the highest level.

The chase after what I thought was “success” resulted in me taking more responsibilities both at work and home and ignoring how tired and exhausted I felt. The wakeup call for me was when I got sick: I developed an auto-immune disease that affected my skin and my internal organs and I almost had to be rushed to the emergency room. This was coupled with a bad burnout where I lost sleep for days and I had panic attacks that left me doubting everything and everybody.

This was the moment when I decided I was in control of my life. Everything that happened to me was my responsibility. Nothing happened to me, I made things happen. From here on, I went on another journey, this time within me. I experienced different forms of healing and therapy to understand the pain inside, to figure out what I really needed and what I really wanted. I became able to celebrate myself as the miracle that I was, grateful for my existence and for every moment of my life. I understood that we were all unique and worthy, that we came here to be happy and that my gift was to guide people to find the spark inside of them, the same that I did.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and RTT therapist (Rapid Transformational Therapy), TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises) provider, Feldenkrais trainee, Reiki 2nd grade practitioner, Ho’Oponopono practitioner, I have a doctorate in Political Sciences and I chew books every day (especially Science Fiction and Fantasy).

Adina’s story

I’m a very curious person who has always wanted to understand how things work and function. I’ve started my adult life like most of us: get a good job, have a career and a family life. I did get all of that but I have always had this restless feeling that that something was not enough. It had to be more to life than just work, going home and going through the motions.

I thought I was satisfied as I was climbing the corporate ladder and I was having a nice personal relationship. I worked around 20 years in global corporations in different roles (from translator and adviser to supervisor, team leader, manager). However, this restless feeling was still inside me, so I decided to take a career break to sort myself out. This wasn’t as successful as I anticipated as I didn’t travel as much as I would have liked to and also I didn’t have any aha moments. One thing I changed after the break was my career path: from customer service to human resources. I was as successful in the first as I was in the latter. On the way, I went through a burnout that put me out of work for months and led to me reaching one of my lowest point in life to date.

It sounds strange but after the dark period I went through I have come to realise that the whole experience was a gift. My body showed me I needed to change. I listened and started to question what I really wanted. I began to redefine myself and I asked for professional help. I took meditation classes, energy classes , listened and read neuroscience books. All of this helped me understand more and more how my brain worked, how my body sent signals forcing me to pay attention and what I had been doing wrong. And the work continues.

I am declaring now that I am Adina version 2.0, updated and upgraded with new limits, values and clear understanding of boundaries. I am also much kinder towards to myself and others. I like helping people grow and develop themselves the way I have done throughout all my career. I am using all the hard lessons that I have learnt and different tools and practices that I do on a daily basis.

I have studied Sociology (BA), Anthropology(MA), I am a Vipassana practitioner, Joe Dispenza practitioner, Reiki Level 1 practitioner, Ho’Oponopono practitioner, TRE (Tension/Trauma release exercises) trainee, Intuitive scanner apprentice.